Bosch SKS 62E22EU Dishwasher Review

If you are an owner of a small-scale apartment, you will prefer to choose a compact dishwasher like the Bosch SKS 62E22EU. This little home helper can wash up to six place settings at once and can be conveniently placed on your kitchen table. So, what features make our experts pay attention to this dishwashing machine? Let’s consider this.


ADVANTAGES: a desk-size dishwasher; quick cleanliness of dirty dishes;

DISADVANTAGES: some tricks within loading process; high level of noise; huge energy consumption

The manufacturers of Bosch haven’t found any solution to the problem of restricted access by the process of loading. This issue is typical for compact models of dishwashers. Anyway, there are no complaints about the primary functions such as cleaning and drying, since the experiments have been proven to be successful.

What is the Bosch dishwasher?

This is a desk-size model of dishwasher that is hardly bigger that a usual microwave. Its size is perfectly suitable for the surfaces of small kitchen tables. In addition, the model can take up to 60 items of dishes at a time.

Why do they take 60 items?

This is an average amount of dishes left after a standard dinner or party for six people.

Isn’t that the problem about the size?

Yes, this dishwasher has a compact size suitable for a small-scale kitchen. However, it possesses all features typical for full-sized electronics. The primary characteristics are a digital display showing the time remaining, and a delay timer that keeps your time if you need to turn on the dishwasher beforehand.

The machine uses the sensors in order to count the amount of water for every particular load. This function helps the consumer save water and energy.

What are the primary benefits about the machine?


We made the experiment loading the dishwasher with dirty dishes and got satisfactory results. Here we made certain conclusions about the primary benefits of Bosch dishwasher:

l the items were completely clean and dry, so one shouldn’t waste time with the tea towel in his hands;

l the tests performed on the electronics demonstrated that there were no streaks on glasses and cutlery after dishwashing;

l the in-built eco program saves time and energy;

What are the drawbacks of the dishwasher?

The tests performed over the machine showed the following drawbacks:

l the dishwasher has a high level of noise expressed with loud sounds through the process of washing. This can be particularly annoying when you try to listen to the radio or keep the conversation in the kitchen;

l the main program takes much water and electricity, so it is better to keep the eco-friendly power;

l the rack of the machine doesn’t get the full load, so it is difficult to take the items from the back. The cutlery basket is implemented into the machine, so the top of the washer prevents the user from taking small things directly from the basket

l the handle aperture has some sharp sides, so it can be something dangerous to use.

So, what is the final decision about the product?

This Bosch dishwasher is a good example of small-scale machines for little apartments. However, it’s quite noisy and not so easy to use. Thus, we recommend you to choose more efficient options.

Technical Characteristics

Type: Freestanding

Dimensions: 45*55.5*51

Size: Small-scale

Place settings: 6

Leading program duration: 157

Color: White

Special Features

Digital display: Yes

Time remaining indicator

Delay timer: Yes

Child lock: No

Anti-flood technology: Yes

Half load wash: No

Sensor: Yes

Eco-friendly program: Yes